No silver lining to this cloud…

by on Oct.31, 2008, under Rants

Can Microsoft please just stop their evil tactics? I mean, really.
I just a few days ago thank them for their sudden change in policy, helping the Samba developers with Windows interoperability, and then I read this:
The long and short of this article says this: Customers migrating their applications to the Azure platform (Windows new cloud computing platform) will find themselves at the mercy of the platform, and developers attempting to offer services built on this platform will need to alter and/or re-write their code whenever Microsoft feels it necessary to change the platform.
My opinion, as an experienced professional consultant, is that anyone attempting to migrate a client to this platform is being reckless and irresponsible with their customer’s trust, and should be removed from the industry. It is our responsibility to ensure that the technology we suggest/offer to our customers is not only profitable for our businesses, but is also in the best interest of the customer and their businesses.

Redacted in the interest of following my own advice, and not being evil.

Thanks, Microsoft! You do realize that *you’re* the reason that Linux is gaining in popularity, right? Right?


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  • will

    “If you raised an eyebrow at the revelation that Google has reserved the option to terminate applications running on Android phones remotely, this fact of life of cloud computing should give you even more pause.”

    I found this in that article and had no idea. I wonder if Keng knows this.

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